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We continue to evolve and adapt so our products will be up to the challenge when our subscriber’s Warfighters go into battle. Our mission is to provide the latest innovated personal protective equipment, medical gear, and medical / survival kitting products to meet each of our equipped Operator’s lifesaving needs. Therefore, our mission is, really quite simple, to offer the best trauma medical kit options available and make sure they are available for the Warrior when they need them.

Solutions Based Medical Logistics provides tactical/trauma medical procurement, kitting, and distribution services to our clients, both domestically and internationally. Our company produces standard as well as personalized Trauma First Aid Kits, Personal Protection Equipment Kits, and individual survival kits to meet our client’s varying requirements and specifications.

Solutions Based Medical Logistics is a Virginia based international defense contracting company that specializes in the providing tactical / trauma medical and survival kitting services to Military and Law Enforcement/Fire Rescue organizations around the world. From the largest in theater kitting and logistics requirements, to single operator needs, Solutions Based Medical Logistics has the experience, knowledge and infrastructure needed to accomplish the challenge at hand. We most of all want to ensure that the end user Warfighters/Operators have the lifesaving equipment and supplies needed so they are able accomplish their objective and return home safely to their families.

Solutions Based Medical Logistics primary goal is to provide our uniformed customers with incredible products at very competitive prices.