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Small Unit EMT Kit

Solutions Based Medical Logistics


The Solutions Based Medical Logistics Small Unit EMT Kit is designed for the treatment of a small, 8 to 10 person squads by the unit medic / corpsman. This tactical unit medical kit is stocked with items necessary to supplement the squad members IFAKs for the treatment of battlefield injuries/wounds during tactical operational situations in accordance with TCCC and TECC protocols. The pouch configuration allows quick access and personalized organization which is enhanced by modular elastic storage loops and pockets that keep items in place until needed. The bag uses the traditional PALS / MOLLE-style attachment system as well as a belt strap to allow the medic/corpsman to wear the kit on their waist or for ease of attachment to equipment vests, or backpacks.


  • Bag: H 20 in. x W 14 in. x D 12 in.
  • Weight: 15 lb 2 oz
  • Available Colors: Coyote Brown, Black & Multicam


  • Two hemostatic gauze
  • Three compressed gauze
  • Cloth surgical tape – 1 inch
  • Three Chest seal dual packs
  • Trauma shears
  • Three NASO Tubes and Lube
  • Five pair of Nitrile gloves (rolled pairs) 
  • SAM Splint, Flat fold
  • Vaseline Petrolatum gauze 3 x 9
  • Two Four-inch trauma bandages
  • Two Six-inch trauma bandages
  • Abdominal Bandage 8 x 10
  • Two Triage Tag and Two Tactical Combat Casualty Care Card with marker
  • Catheter
  • Two Triangular Bandages 40 x 40 x 56
  • Three tourniquets
  • Combat eye shield

*Ask about the multi modular scalable solutions that
Sawbones can customize for teams.